Indian Snack Giant Haldiram’s in Talks to Acquire Majority Stake in Prataap Snacks, Sparking an 12% Surge in Stock Price

Manoj Prasad

According to reports, Indian snack company Haldiram’s is in talks to buy a majority share in its listed competitor, Prataap Snacks. This has caused Prataap Snacks’ stock price to rise by 12%.

The possible purchase is worth $350 million, and if it goes through, it would give Haldiram’s a strong entry into the potato chip market by using Prataap Snacks’ large reach and manufacturing skills.

The Indian company Prataap Snacks is worth $350 million right now, and Haldiram’s wants to buy it so that it has at least 51% of the business. The talks are still in their early stages, and the deal’s final value has not been made public.

The news of the possible purchase, on the other hand, has already had a big effect on the market. Prataap Snacks’ stock closed at Rs 1,371.45, up 10.73%.

People think that Haldiram’s made the right decision because it will help the company grow in the tough potato chip market.

Prataap Snacks, which is known for its famous brand Yellow Diamond, has 14 factories in nine Indian states. This gives Haldiram’s a strong position in the industry.

Experts in the field are keeping a close eye on the talks because the acquisition would have a big effect on the Indian snack market as well as the consumer goods industry as a whole.

The possible partnership between Haldiram’s and Prataap Snacks comes at a time when Indian customers are becoming more interested in branded snack foods. This shows that the fried snack market is moving away from unorganized, small businesses.

Even though the talks are still going on and the final decision hasn’t been made yet, the possible acquisition has already caused waves in the market, showing how important this is for the Indian snack business.

If it goes through, the purchase will change the way competition works in the Indian snack market, making Haldiram’s and Prataap Snacks major players in the field.

Investors, industry experts, and consumers are all keeping a close eye on the deal because it could change the way the Indian snack market works and how consumers choose products in the market.

The talks between Haldiram’s and Prataap Snacks show how the Indian snack industry is changing. They show how key players are developing their strategies to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving tastes of Indian customers.

Everyone involved is paying close attention to the possible acquisition of Prataap Snacks by Haldiram’s. It’s a big deal that could change the Indian snack business, and everyone is watching it closely.

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