SpiceJet Launches 8 New Flights Connecting Ayodhya to Major Indian Cities

Ajit Kushwaha

From February 1, SpiceJet will start flying eight new times a week between Ayodhya and Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Darbhanga, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. This will make it easier for more people to visit the holy city. Jyotiraditya Scindia, who is the minister of civil aviation, will start these new trips.

The number of pilgrims coming to the city in Uttar Pradesh has grown a lot since the big Ram Mandir was built there. People from all over India and even other countries are expecting to visit the temple. People want better ways to meet since the Mandir opened in January and the Maharishi Valmiki International Airport opened last year.

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SpiceJet was the first carrier to offer direct flights from all over the country in response to this need. With the new flights, getting to Ayodhya will be easy and only require one stop, which will encourage more people to come. It will also take a lot less time to get there than it did before, when people had to use the rail or road.

There are now more flight choices, which should help religious tourism in Ayodhya. Experts say that the temple town could get as many visitors as Varanasi, Tirupati, and Vaishno Devi, which are all popular religious sites. This is in line with the UP government’s plan to make Ayodhya a major spot for spiritual tourists.

As of now, people can get to Ayodhya in just a few hours from Mumbai to Delhi or Bengaluru to Jaipur. The ability to join will be very helpful, especially for older pilgrims and those who don’t have much time. It could also bring more people from other countries to Ayodhya.

Zoom Airlines Resumes Operations with Delhi-Ayodhya Flight

Zoom Airlines (formerly Zexus Air Services) also made a release at the same time as the SpiceJet news, which was a good thing. After a two-year break, the Gurugram-based airline will start flying again on February 1, with the first trip going between Delhi and Ayodhya.

The company seems to have picked the route based on how busy the area is likely to be because of recent events. Their CRJ 200ER plane, which has 50 all-economy seats, works well for a Tier-2 location like Ayodhya.

Zoom had to shut down for a short time in 2020 because of the pandemic, which caused their air operator certificate to be revoked. After getting new permission from the government in September, Zoom seems ready to take advantage of new chances in the Indian aviation market.

The relaunch happens at a good time, since SpiceJet, IndiGo, and Vistara have all announced new flights that link Ayodhya to other cities. Travelers are becoming more interested in Zoom, which can help them by providing an affordable option. Their plan seems to meet the needs of low-cost religious tourists who are likely to come.

With a huge rise in domestic business thanks to vaccines and less strict rules, Zoom is sure that this time it will work. The way they chose shows that they are trying to attract pilgrims and spiritual travelers.

As India’s aviation market grows to include more towns and areas that haven’t been explored yet, Zoom Airlines may have found the right way to do things.

Their flight services might make Ayodhya more available to a wider range of people by making it easier to get to and cheaper for many to visit. It is hoped that problems with operations will not lead to another shutdown.

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