Flipkart Delivery Delays Leave Customer Frustrated

Ajit Kushwaha

BENGALURU – A Bengaluru-based Flipkart customer has expressed frustration over delayed and rescheduled deliveries of a mobile phone he purchased on the e-commerce platform.

Manoj Prasad, a regular Flipkart shopper, took to Twitter to chronicle the series of delivery delays that left him increasingly displeased with the company’s service.

Initial Delay

On February 20th, Prasad indicated he had purchased a new mobile phone on Flipkart with an expected delivery date of February 19th. However, the company informed him they had rescheduled his delivery for February 21st, two days after his original promised date.

Prasad tweeted that Flipkart provided no explanation for the abrupt delivery delay. He called their treatment of him as a customer “unacceptable.”

Excuses and Runaround

The next day, Prasad stated the delivery still had not arrived and the courier company was now providing strange excuses.

“The courier boy is telling me that you will have to come to our office to collect your parcel. What nonsense?” he tweeted.

On February 22nd, Prasad provided yet another excuse he claimed the courier company gave him. “Sir, it is raining a lot where I am, so I cannot deliver your parcel to you today,” Prasad tweeted.

He expressed frustration at having to continue waiting for his purchase, stating “The more I need my parcel, the more Flipkart is joking with me.”

Loss of Trust

After close to a week of delays, changed dates, excuses and poor communication, Prasad said he has lost faith in the e-retailer he once favoured.

“Earlier, Flipkart was my favorite website to buy anything…but since last 5 days I have lost my trust in this company,” he posted on Twitter.

His experience highlights issues consumers can still face when purchasing online for delivery – unclear communication, delivery delays, and poor customer service when problems emerge.

As e-commerce grows exponentially in India, companies need to place greater emphasis on supply chain transparency and accountability to customers if they wish to earn long-term loyalty and trust.

Based on his tweets, Prasad appears unlikely to risk shopping on Flipkart again soon after this disheartening experience attempting to buy something as simple as a mobile phone.

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By Ajit Kushwaha Writer
Ajit Kushwaha is a stock market investor and business owner of a chips manufacturing company in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. He holds a Bsc. from Vinobha Bhave University and leverages over 5 years of share market experience in managing investments and his snack food business.
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