Adani Total Gas Partners with INOXCVA to Boost India’s LNG Infrastructure

Manoj Prasad

In a major boost to India’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure, Adani Total Gas Limited (ATGL) announced a strategic partnership with INOXCVA, a subsidiary of INOX India Limited.

Under the agreement, ATGL and INOXCVA will collaborate as preferred partners for delivery of LNG equipment and services across India. This includes setting up small-scale LNG plants, LNG fuel stations, developing cryogenic tanker trucks and distribution infrastructure.

INOXCVA is a leader in cryogenic technology and manufactures specialized equipment for storage, distribution and transfer of LNG and industrial gases. Their expertise will be crucial as India looks to expand its LNG infrastructure rapidly.

Adani Total Gas is one of India’s fastest growing city gas distribution companies, supplying piped natural gas to over 6 million households and compressed natural gas to transportation sectors across the country.

Their partnership with INOXCVA will accelerate development of an end-to-end LNG value chain in India.

Some key benefits of the agreement highlighted by ATGL are – collaborative opportunities to set up LNG fuel stations, establishing LNG logistics and infrastructure to aid transition to LNG as a cleaner automotive fuel especially for heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.

This will also help reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by over 30% from the transportation sector.

Suresh P Manglani, CEO of Adani Total Gas Limited said, “This agreement will be a game changer, enabling long-haul heavy vehicles and the existing diesel-powered fleet to transition to LNG, which is much cleaner and cost effective. Joining forces with a leader like INOXCVA will catalyze India’s movement towards a gas-based economy.”

The strategic partnership comes at an opportune time as India aims to more than double the share of natural gas in its energy mix by 2030. LNG is emerging as a promising transition fuel with applications across transportation, power generation, fertilizer production and city gas distribution.

Adani Total Gas and INOXCVA’s collaboration will accelerate building a robust LNG infrastructure to enable India’s vision.

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