₹1 Lakh Turns into ₹1.2 Crore in 3 Years Thanks to SG Mart Ltd Shares

Sujeet Kushwaha

Investors are always on the hunt for stocks that could transform small investments into a fortune quickly. One such company that has delivered multibagger returns in the last few years riding on robust fundamentals is SG Mart Ltd. We deep dive into the spectacular journey of this stock that continues its dream run.

The share price of SG Mart Ltd, a renewable energy company, surged from ₹94 on January 1, 2021 to ₹11,371 on January 12, 2024, delivering jaw-dropping returns of over 2,500% in last years! Investors who spotted this winner early and remained invested have hit a jackpot.

An investment of just ₹1 lakh in SG Mart 3 years back is today worth over ₹1.2 crore. In other words, investors would have become crorepatis from mere lakhpatis by staying loyal to this share as it grew into a multibagger.

Such wealth creation usually takes decades of investing. But SG Mart has done it in the blink of an eye through the power of compounding.

Last 5 Years Return of 10,600% – A Runaway Outperformance

In the past 5 years alone, SG Mart share price has multiplied by a crazy 10,637% from ₹100 levels in early 2019 to current prices of ₹11,371 per share. In fact, the stock delivered most gains in the last 1 year with massive return of 2,545%.

SG Mart share price

The share price has zoomed from just ₹429 in January 2023 to reach the landmark ₹11,000+ level recently, generating enormous profits for believers in that period itself. SG Mart’s equity value currently stands at ₹6,340 crore, reflecting the immense interest from investors to own this wealth creator.

What’s Behind The Supernormal Gains in SG Mart Share?

SG Mart Ltd manufactures renewable energy solutions like solar modules, wind turbines along with energy storage products for residential and industrial applications. It enjoys dominant market share in this high growth eco-friendly segment as economies shift focus towards clean energy.

Government policy initiatives like raising renewable purchase obligations for distribution companies to 30% by 2030 has supercharged demand. SG Mart with its cutting edge products and execution efficiency has emerged as a key beneficiary.

Healthy profits and surging cash flows has allowed SG Mart to grow capacities aggressively and gain further market share. The positive industry outlook and company’s robust financial performance has excited investors, driving extraordinary returns.

Should You Still Buy This Multibagger Stock?

Despite the sharp run-up, analysts still remain bullish on SG Mart given the immense growth potential ahead both locally and globally. Renewable energy adoption is still in early stages in developing markets like India. With rising environmental consciousness and climate change commitments, the segment offers a long runway for growth.

SG Mart with its technology edge, wide distribution and strong branding is best positioned to ride this structural trend for years to come. While further 12,000% return in 3 years looks unlikely, investors could still expect very healthy 30-50% compounded gains from current levels.

So don’t be late to this party! SG Mart remains a must-have pick for every growth-oriented investor’s portfolio despite the phenomenal rally thus far. Because disruptors like these backed by irresistible trends rarely trade at “fair valuations”. Your patience can be rewarded with transformational long term wealth.

SG Mart Financials

Quarterly Income History

PeriodDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
Total Revenue748.26506.24150.860.00
Selling/ General/ Admin Expenses Total1.490.910.520.03
Depreciation/ Amortization0.
Other Operating Expenses Total1.010.241.500.47
Total Operating Expense731.36495.06149.040.50
Operating Income16.9011.181.82-0.50
Net Income Before Taxes23.1711.951.72-0.18
Net Income17.198.951.28-0.13
Diluted Normalized EPS171.9089.5012.77-1.29
*All figures in crores except per share values

Quarterly Balance Sheet History

PeriodDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
Total Assets221.7612.18
Total Liabilities64.370.01
Total Equity157.3912.17
Tangible Book Valueper Share Common Eq393.48121.67
*All figures in crores except per share values

Quarterly Cashflow History

PeriodDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
Cashfrom Operating Activities-49.214.39
Cashfrom Investing Activities-135.775.73
Cashfrom Financing Activities174.620.00
Net Changein Cash-10.3610.12
*All figures in crores except per share values
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