Ujjivan Bank Soars 6% as Loan Book Surges 27% and Deposits Hit New High of Rs 29,869 Crore in Record Q3 Performance

Ajit Kushwaha

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd. rose over 6% after a 27% increase in loan book in Q3. The bank’s total deposits grew 29% year-on-year to Rs 29,869 crore in the quarter ended December, and the gross loan book exhibited a commendable 27% YoY increase, totaling Rs 27,791 crore for the quarter.

The CASA (Current Account Savings Account) witnessed a 24% YoY surge, reaching Rs 7,549 crore, with an 8% increase on a sequential basis. The bank’s disbursement grew 17% YoY to Rs 5,675 crore in December FY24. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has shown robust performance in the quarter ending December FY24.

What is the Growth Rate of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s Loan Book in the Last Quarter

In the last quarter, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (Ujjivan SFB) experienced a significant growth in its loan book. Here are the key figures:

  • The loan book rose by 27% year-on-year (YoY) to Rs 27,791 crore.
  • Total deposits grew by 29% YoY to Rs 29,869 crore.
  • The gross loan book increased by 27% YoY, reaching Rs 27,791 crore for the quarter.
  • Disbursements during the quarter rose by 17% YoY to Rs 5,675 crore.

This growth can be attributed to the bank’s focus on expanding its loan book in the affordable housing segment, which witnessed a 45% YoY increase in disbursements to Rs 418 crore.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s Loan Book Growth Compare to Other

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank’s loan book growth can be compared to other small finance banks by analyzing its performance in recent quarters and years. Here are some key points:

  • In Q3 FY24, Ujjivan SFB’s loan book grew by 27% YoY to Rs 27,791 crore.
  • The bank’s gross loan book increased by 31% YoY to Rs 25,346 crore in another quarter.
  • Ujjivan SFB’s secured loan portfolio grew by 122% YoY to Rs 16,57 crore.
  • The bank’s disbursements rose 22% YoY to Rs 5,280 crore in a quarter.

While these figures indicate a strong performance by Ujjivan SFB, it is essential to consider the overall market conditions and the strategies adopted by the bank to achieve its growth targets.

The bank’s focus on expanding its loan book in the affordable housing segment and its secured portfolio has contributed to its growth. However, a comprehensive comparison with other small finance banks would require analyzing their individual performance metrics and strategies.

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