This Multibagger Penny Stock Could Skyrocket in 2024 After 180% Surge in 2023

Manoj Prasad

Mauria Udyog, a lesser-known penny stock, delivered monumental returns of 178% in 2023, surging from ₹3.67 to ₹10.23 per share. However, after peaking in August and September, the stock entered a consolidation phase.

Now, as we enter 2024, there are signs Mauria Udyog could be ready to break out and continue its breathtaking rally.

The Meteoric Rise of Mauria Udyog in 2023

Mauria Udyog started 2023 trading at paltry levels below ₹4 per share. However, over the next 9 months, the stock exploded higher, gaining over 180% to reach ₹10.23 by December.

This remarkable surge defied gravity and market norms for a stock of its size and profile. Mauria Udyog has a market capitalization of only ₹136 crore, securely placing it in penny stock territory. Typically, such tiny companies do not experience sustained uptrends like this.

So what explains the epic runup in Mauria Udyog? A closer examination reveals a few factors:

  • Strong fundamentals: Despite its microcap size, Mauria Udyog has demonstrated accelerating growth in recent quarters. In Q3 2023, sales rose 35% and net profit jumped 52% compared to the same period last year. The company is efficiently managing costs and has a healthy balance sheet.
  • Favorable industry backdrop: Mauria Udyog operates in the chemicals sector, which has benefitted from rising demand and tight supplies. Small manufacturers like Mauria Udyog have capitalized on supply chain disruptions affecting larger players.
  • Undervalued: Before 2023, Mauria Udyog traded at extremely low valuation multiples that underestimated its potential. Once the company delivered strong results, the stock rerated significantly to better reflect underlying value.

Riding these tailwinds, Mauria Udyog surpassed all expectations and minted big returns for investors in 2023.

Consolidation Since September

After peaking at ₹10.23 in September, Mauria Udyog changed character. The stock entered a correction and consolidation phase that lasted through the remainder of 2023.

Several factors contributed to this sideways price action:

  • Overheated sentiment: Such a sharp rise in a penny stock in a short timeframe inevitably leads to overexcitement. The surge far outpaced fundamentals, and profit-taking was inevitable.
  • Technical resistance: ₹10.23 represented a major technical resistance level for Mauria Udyog, halting the uptrend. The stock faced selling pressure each time it approached this price ceiling.
  • Market headwinds: Broader markets weakened due to economic uncertainties and monetary tightening. This further capped upside in Mauria Udyog despite its stellar track record.

During this consolidation phase, Mauria Udyog established a trading range between ₹8.89 and ₹10.23. The stock oscillated in this band since November without breaking out in either direction.

Signs of Life as We Enter 2024

The multi-month lull in Mauria Udyog has been frustrating for investors after its sensational runup earlier in 2023. However, there are green shoots suggesting the stock may be ready to resume its uptrend as we begin 2024.

Here are some positive signals:

  • Higher lows: Mauria Udyog has consistently bounced from its support level at ₹8.89 despite retests. This shows buying interest emerging at higher levels.
  • Bullish indicators: Momentum indicators like the relative strength index (RSI) are trending higher as Mauria Udyog hovers near support. This implies building upside momentum.
  • Volume trends: Trading volumes have picked up in recent weeks as the stock consolidates. Rising activity signals increased investor interest.
  • Growth on track: Mauria Udyog has guided for 35-40% sales and profit growth in FY2024. Its growth story remains intact despite the consolidation. Results could serve as fresh catalysts.
  • Valuations still reasonable: After the correction from peak levels, Mauria Udyog has a trailing P/E of just 8. This leaves room for further upside.

Final Word: Mauria Udyog Looks Ready for Another Leg Higher

Mauria Udyog delivered outsized returns of 180% in 2023, transforming from penny stock to multibagger. The sheer pace of gains was unsustainable, ushering in an extended consolidation phase since September.

However, as 2024 dawns, the technical and fundamental backdrop appears to be improving for Mauria Udyog. The foundation is laid for the stock to eventually break out from its trading range and embark on another leg higher.

The primary upside triggers to watch for are a move above ₹10.23 resistance, positive growth momentum in upcoming results, and further RSI strength. If these materialize, Mauria Udyog could quickly rally back towards its all-time highs around ₹12.

Aggressive investors with a high risk appetite should consider making a small allocation to Mauria Udyog in anticipation of 2024 fireworks. Maintain a stop loss at ₹8 and book partial profits at ₹12. The upside potential outweighs downside risk for this promising penny stock turn multibagger.

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