Coal-Based Power Generation Surges Over 8% in April-November, Showing India’s Push for Self-Reliance

Ajit Kushwaha

India’s domestic coal-based power generation has seen significant growth in the April-November period of the current financial year, rising by 8.38% compared to the same period last year. This increase shows the country’s push towards self-reliance in energy production and reducing dependence on imported coal.

The Rise in Coal-Based Power Generation

As per data from the Coal Ministry, domestic coal-based power generation stood at 779.1 billion units (BU) in April-November 2023-24, up from 718.83 BU in April-November 2022-23 – an 8.38% jump.

Several factors have contributed to the soaring coal-based power generation, including an unprecedented rise in temperatures, a delayed monsoon in North India, the resumption of full economic activities post-pandemic, and an overall increase in power demand by 7.71%.

The growth in coal-fired electricity aligns with India’s aim to enhance domestic coal production capacities. By minimizing coal imports despite rising energy needs, the country is displaying commitment towards self-sufficiency.

Dip in Coal Imports for Blending

The push for higher domestic coal usage has also reflected in substantially reduced imports for blending purposes.

Coal imported for blending went down by 44.28% year-on-year to 15.16 million tonnes (MT) until November 2023. Last year, blending coal imports stood at 27.21 MT in the same period.

The considerable decline in coal import volumes exhibits India’s persistent efforts to tap its domestic coal reserves to meet the country’s burgeoning power requirements.

Way Forward

The latest trends showcase the headway being made by India to harness its abundant coal reserves to ensure energy security while bringing down reliance on imported coal.

Going forward, the government aims to further improve indigenous coal production capacities to support the nation’s expanding economy. Achieving self-sufficiency in the coal and energy segment will also help India safeguard its foreign exchange reserves.

If the current momentum in coal-based electricity generation sustains, India is poised to make significant strides towards Energy Independence by 2047 – the 100th year of its Independence.

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