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What the Government Actually Spends Per ₹1 in Taxes

Out of every 1 rupee earned by the government, 58 paise comes from taxes including income tax, corporate tax and GST

Another 19 paise is earned through non-tax revenues like disinvestment proceeds, interest receipts and dividends from PSUs

This means total revenue from all sources is 77 paise for every 1 rupee

On the expenditure side, the biggest item is states' share of taxes and duties which is 23 paise

Interest payments take another 18 paise for every rupee spent

Defence spending accounts for 8 paise per rupee

Subsidies, pension payments and administrative costs takes 5 paise each

Together with other expenditure, total spending is 93 paise per rupee earned

This leaves a fiscal deficit of 16 paise per rupee, meaning government spends 16 paise more than what it earns